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Nothing but the best treatments for your animal.


Preparing your horses correctly for competition is mandatory. Tendon injuries, arthrosis, accidents on the field, kissing spines, problems while riding, wrong muscle development, stiffness and many others have a huge benefit to be treated with the latest Evidence Based Medicine techniques. Learn more...

Physiotherapy is suitable for all dogs, from domestic pets, to competition and working dogs. Dogs lead active lives, full of energy and motion, and can injure themselves at any time due to falls and bumps, repetitive twisting and turning, traffic accidents, or even old age may take its toll. Learn more...

Feline Physiotherapy

Cats are very flexible although they can suffer from stiffness when they get older.
Some cats break a paw and need to stay in a bench for a while, we can improve and accelerate their mobility/flexibility and the bone healing with physiotherapy.
Cats can be hit by a car and some get partially paralyzed and need help to stand and walk again.

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