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Horse Legs

When Equine Physiotherapy?

As a certified Equine Physiotherapist, she believes that horses are too often given up when they suffer from injuries. The treatment is based on a personalized research, specifically designed for each horse. Often exercises are given to maintain the result of the treatment. Regular treatments are possible for a long-term enhancement of your horses' physical capacities.


Émilie is used to treat horses from every discipline at the different sportlevels.

For the sporthorse a regular Sportcheck with adapted treatment is advised.

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HippoPhysio was created to treat all horses, young or old, recreational or competitive and in all disciplines.


Other treatments?

-Mucle injuries

-Tendon injuries

-Back pain

-Riding problems

-The horse had f.e. surgery and has a long rehabilitation process.

-The horse is old and suffers from arthrosis.

-A mare got her foal and you want her to be ready and comfortable for work and maybe later for competitions again.

-Stiffness and/or limping problems

-Open wounds


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What My Clients Say

Horse Legs

"Émilie has been treating my two horses for about 2 years and does it like no one else. She is an expert in her field. My horses have tendon injuries and they are more and more flexible each time thanks to Émilie's laser treatment. (...) Highly recommended, without a doubt!"

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